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 Have you ever heard about the Spinning in the Runescape? And you know that Spinning can brings a lot of RS Gold and make you a rich guy in the Gielinor. To be honest, Spinning is yet another basic form of crafting; however, it plays a useful role in the world of crafting and others skills as well.

Three items can be spin into a form of string. When "Wool" from a sheep is spun, you will get a ball of wool. Use the balls of wool on amulets or wherever else needed. The best location for flax is found in Lletya; there is a field of flax just outside the bank. 
Alternatively, you can find flax in Taverley, Seers' Village, Lunar Isle and the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Spin flax into bowstrings. Finally, the Magic Tree Root, obtained whilst farming, will produce a string for the Amulet of Nature.
You can find spinning wheels in the Lumbridge Castle, Falador, Crafting Guild, Barbarian Village, Seers' Village, Lletya, Sophanem, and in tree houses in the Tree Gnome Stronghold It's worth noting that if you are getting flax from a bank and spinning it, it is fastest to do so in Lumbridge Castle. However, it's best to make bowstrings in Seers' Village if you are picking your own flax, because the spinning wheel is on the way to the bank.
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