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Stainless steel staircase handrail construction process A, process engineering installation of embedded parts actinomycetes install handrails column and the column connecting polished B, after the installation of embedded parts (after Jiamai member) embedded parts staircase furniture foam composite board South Africahandrail installation can only be used Jiamai member practices , its approach is the use of expansion bolts and steel to create the rear connector, first put on the line in the grass-roots civil determine the location of a fixed point column, and then on the stairs ground drilling hammer drilling, install expansion bolts, bolt retaining enough length, after positioning the bolts, tighten the bolts while the welded between the nut and the screw, nut and steel plate to prevent loosening.

Handrail connection with the wall surface is also taking the above method. C, put the line due to the above after Jiamai piece construction, there may be errors, therefore, before the column installation, you should re-pay-off, in order to determine the location of the buried plate and welding pole of accuracy, if the deviation, promptly corrected. It should wooden deck built onto patio ensure that all stainless steel column located on a steel plate, and four weeks can be welded. D, installation column welding column, with the need to double, to keep a hold on a vertical pipe, the welding can not shake another person welding, welding to four weeks, and should meet the welding specifications. E, handrails and columns connected column before installation, put the line through the elongated lines, according to the tilt angle of the stairs and handrail used roundness at its upper end machined groove.

Then put directly into the armrest column recess, spot welding installed sequentially from one end to the other end, adjacent to the handrail installed docking accurate, tight joints. After docking adjacent steel, stainless steel welding seam welding. Before welding, weld must be along best non slip boards wholesale ukwithin the range 30 ~ 50mm on each side of the oil, burrs, rust, etc. clean. After polishing all welding, grinding wheel with the hand-held machine sanding weld tie until no significant welds. When using a polishing cloth or felt polishing wheel, while using the appropriate polishing paste until it roughly consistent with the adjacent base metal, the weld was not reached.

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